Manuscript Contest


Offered by Poetry Society of Texas
Open to Active dues-paid and Life members of the
Poetry Society of Texas (PST)

Contestants should submit a single copy of their manuscript. The submitted manuscript should contain between 45 and 60 pages of poetry. No line of poetry in the manuscript should contain more than 60 characters/spaces/ punctuations. The manuscript may include both published and unpublished poems but may not include poems from other books by the author. No more than 25% of the manuscript may be previously published. Author must have rights to previously published poems. Manuscripts should have a title page and be bound in some manner, pronged folder preferred. Pages should be numbered. Multiple entries are allowed. No identification should appear on the submitted manuscript. Include the following four things separate from the bound manuscript:

1. A manuscript title page with name, address, phone number, email address.
2. A single copy of one of the poems from the manuscript to be used in A Book of the Year should the manuscript be named the winner, and to be read when the winner is announced.
3. A list of acknowledgments for the published poems, not to exceed 25% of the whole.
4. A check for $10.00 payable to PST for each manuscript entry.

Manuscripts with poems that contain explicit sexual language or expletives cannot be considered for recognition.

Poetry Society of Texas will assume the production costs of developing the manuscript into a market-ready, soft-cover collection. This includes editing, cover design, pricing and ISBN registration. Upon publication of the finished book, the author will receive 50 copies. Authors may assume the cost of extra books if more than 50 books are desired.

The winner of this award (includes Eakin winners) will not be eligible to enter again for six (6) years. A judge selected by the Society will select the winning manuscript. The judge’s name will not be announced until the announcement of the winner is made. Winner must agree to three public readings from his/her book. One reading is for a PST monthly meeting, one must be done at the annual summer conference of PST following the announcement in November, and one arranged by the author. Entry acknowledges agreement with these stipulations. The winning book manuscript of poetry in this contest will be announced at the PST Awards Banquet in November.

Entries in this competition must be postmarked no later than August 1, 2018. Entries should be mailed to:

Lubbe Manuscript Competition Chairperson

Patrick Lee Marshall
556 Royal Glade Drive
Keller, Texas 76248