Monthly Contests

Monthly Contests are a feature of each regular meeting September through May, excluding November) and the Summer Conference (July). There is one General Contest each month and there may be one or more Special Contests. There is no entry fee for these contests for PST Members.

General Contest — 28 Line limit, any subject, any form. The General Contest is judged by a Critic Judge, who is selected by the Monthly Contest Chairman. The Critic Judge selects the winners of the Critic’s Award. 1st place ($25), 2nd place ($9), 3rd place ($5), and ten additional poems to be read for audience vote in the regular meeting.

Laugh Lines Contest  — For the best humorous poem, 16-line limit, $7.50 award. The previous winner judges the Contest.

Eligibility of Entries

1. Monthly Contest are open only to Active Dues-Paid Members, Life Members, and Officers.

2. Only one poem may be entered in the General Contest, and only one poem may be entered in the Laugh Lines contest. Entries must be the original work of the contestant.

3. No line in a poem may contain more than 60 characters, including punctuation marks and spaces.

4. A poem is not eligible which, in whole or part has been published in print, presented over radio, television or on the Internet, accepted for publication, is in the hands of an editor for consideration, or entered in any contest running concurrently.

5. An eligible poem may not be withdrawn after its submission. The winner of the Critic’s Award is ineligible to enter the following month’s General Contest. (The July winner may not enter the September General Contest.) The winner of the Laugh Lines contest may not enter the next one since he/she will be the judge.

6. The Monthly Contest Chairman will eliminate entries that fail to conform to the rules.

Preparing and Submitting Entries

1. Submit two typewritten copies for each contest entered. On both copies, type General Contest or Laugh Lines Contest in the upper left-hand corner. On the second copy only, type the author’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Mail entries to Monthly Contest Chairman:

Richard Weatherly
7617 Palomar Drive
N. Richland Hills, TX 76180

3. Entries must be received by the Monthly Contest Chairman by the 15th of the previous month.