Join PST

The Society urges its members to interest others in joining by showing them A Book of the Year and issues of The Bulletin. It is not necessary to be a practicing poet in order to be a valued member. The Constitution invites “…persons in sympathy with the general purposes of the Society.”

Annual dues cover July 1–June 30.

Types of Memberships
Active Members $25.00 (Native Texans, Citizens of Texas, or former citizens of Texas who were active members)
Associate Members $25.00 (Those who desire to affiliate; also libraries and schools)
Student Members $12.50 (Jr. High and High School students attending Texas schools or native Texans — All privileges except yearbook)
Sustaining Members $50.00
Supporting Members $100.00
Benefactors $300.00
Patrons of the Poets $500.00

Members, unless specifically exempt, must have their dues current before submitting contest entries. To be listed in the current A Book of the Year dues must be received by November 30. The status of a member’s dues is shown on the address label of The Bulletin. A brochure giving full requirements for membership may be obtained from the Membership Chairman.

How to Join PST

Please print and fill out the following:

PST Membership Form

Then send completed form with dues to:

Lynn Lewis, Membership Chairman
1704 Enderly Place
Fort Worth, TX 76104

(This is also where current members should send dues, changes of address, and/or corrections.)