Join PST

The Society urges its members to interest others in joining by showing them A Book of the Year and issues of The Bulletin. It is not necessary to be a practicing poet in order to be a valued member. The Constitution invites “…persons in sympathy with the general purposes of the Society.”

Annual dues cover July 1–June 30.
If you have Paypal, you can pay dues this way:
Please be sure to note if this is membership renewal or a new membership.

Types of Memberships
Active Members $25.00 (Native Texans, Citizens of Texas, or former citizens of Texas who were active members)
Associate Members $25.00 (Those who desire to affiliate; also libraries and schools)
Student Members $12.50 (Jr. High and High School students attending Texas schools or native Texans — All privileges except yearbook)
Sustaining Members $50.00
Supporting Members $100.00
Benefactors $300.00
Patrons of the Poets $500.00

Members, unless specifically exempt, must have their dues current before submitting contest entries. To be listed in the current A Book of the Year dues must be received by November 30. A brochure giving full requirements for membership may be obtained from the Membership Chairman.

How to Join PST

Please print and fill out the following:

PST Membership Form

Then send completed form with dues to:

Lynn Lewis, Membership Chairman
1704 Enderly Place
Fort Worth, TX 76104

(This is also where current members should send dues, changes of address, and/or corrections.)