Chapbook Contest

The Fort Worth Poetry Society

In Cooperation With the Poetry Society of Texas


The William D. Barney Memorial Chapbook Contest, 2021

The contest will honor deceased Fort Worth poet William D. Barney, one of the most distinguished poets Fort Worth has produced, a former member of FWPS, and past president of the Poetry Society of Texas. He won the national Robert Frost Award in 1961 and was Texas Poet Laureate in 1982-83.

The winner will receive $50 plus 15 free copies of the published chapbook. 
To download a pdf copy of the contest rules, please scroll to bottom of page and click on link.

Rules for Entry:

  1. This contest is open to Texas residents and/or active PST members only. Entry fee for Members of the Poetry Society of Texas is $15. Entry fee for Texas resident non-members of PST is $25. Make your check or money order payable to the Fort Worth Poetry Society. No cash please.
  2. Contestants should submit a single copy of their manuscript in English only, which should be a minimum of 20 but no more than 30 pages of poetry, and no more than one poem per page. Poems should have no more than 50 characters per line including spaces. The manuscript may include both published and unpublished poems, but may not include poems from other books or chapbooks by the author. A majority of unpublished poems is preferred but not required. Do not include acknowledgments with the manuscript. The winner will supply an acknowledgments page, if needed, during arrangements for publication. The author must not be identified on the manuscript. Include a separate identification sheet with name of author, address, phone, email, and title of the manuscript. Please retain a digital copy of your manuscript; the paper contest copies will be destroyed by the judge.
  3. Manuscripts with poems that contain explicit sexual language or expletives will not be considered.
  4. Fort Worth Poetry Society will assume the production costs of developing the manuscript into a market-ready, soft cover collection. This includes editing, cover design, pricing and ISBN registration. Upon publication of the finished chapbook, the author will receive 15 free copies of the chapbook, with additional copies available at the author discount of 50%. FWPS reserves the right to print and sell additional copies at retail cost, with a 10% royalty to the author. Except for the rights granted to the FWPS, the winner will retain the copyright to the chapbook.
  5. The winner of the contest will not be eligible to enter again for six years. Current members of the Fort Worth Poetry Society are not eligible to enter this contest.
  6. A qualified, impartial judge selected by FWPS, but not a member of FWPS or PST, will select the winning manuscript. The judge’s name will not be announced until the winner is announced.
  7. The winner will be invited to do readings from the chapbook at the PST Summer Conference; at a monthly meeting of PST in Dallas; and at a poetry program at Benbrook Public Library, Benbrook, Texas.
  8. Entering the contest acknowledges agreement with these stipulations.
  9. Entries will be accepted with postmarks between January 1 and February 15, 2021.
  10. Announcement of the winner will be at the April, 2021, PST meeting and by email to entrants. Entries should be mailed to: FWPS Chapbook Contest, 10148 Fieldcrest Drive, Benbrook, TX 76126. Include your email or SASE to be notified of delivery.