Upcoming Speaker Programs


January 8th: Poem-A-Thon

February 12th: Jim Fletcher

March 12th: Dr James Robert Parkey

April 9th:   Kathy “KT” Witten  

May 14th:  Lori Trotter

June, July, August no meetings.

September 10th:  Jerri Hardesty

October 8th:  Cade Huie

November 4th & 5th: Annual Banquet and Award

December 10th:  Christine Irving  – Zoom

2021 Speaker Programs

January 9 th: Poem-A-Thon – Zoom

February 13th : Al-Tarig Roberson  – Guinn – Zoom

March 13th :  Catherine L’ Herisson
2020 William D. Barney Memorial Chapbook Winner –
Kirkley – Zoom

April 10th : Trenton McKay Judson – Guinn – Zoom

May 8th : Sunni Soper  – Guinn – Zoom

June, July, August no meetings.

September 11th: Michael Minassian  – 2020 Lubbe Winner 

October 9th: George Dillon McKinsey Robinson – Kirkley – Zoom

November 5th & 6th: Annual Banquet and Awards

December 11th:  Juan Perez – kirkley – Zoom

Official Notice of Cancellation of the Summer Conference

I have been authorized by the President of PST to formally notify all of its members that the 2021 Summer Conference has been canceled.

This was not a step lightly taken but with the current circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty about the future, the officers and Board of PST believes that this is in the best interest of the organization and its membership. The Radisson has been very understanding and has accepted our cancellation and agreed to return 100% of our initial deposit. PST will not lose a penny over this decision.

We are all very sad that this step was necessary but the health and safety of our members take precedence in this situation. If even one person contracted the virus as a result of a conference that would be too many. In addition, we cannot be sure that the Radisson would have a full staff to meet our needs.

Please send this notification out to all PST members everywhere; the widest possible dissemination within the Society is requested. This is especially important if you are a chapter president – please forward this notice to all of your members. If anyone has made hotel reservations, the Radisson has assured us that they can be canceled without penalty. If you have already registered for the Conference, please contact the FWPS for a refund.

Steve Sanders
Publicity Committee
Poetry Society of Texas