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Spotlight Poet Jenna Pashley Smith, Richmond, May 9, 2020
Jenna Pashley Smith

The Adventure Poetry Channel:
“Illustrated Poetry” produced by Seadog Studios.
Seadog Studios

Beth Turner Ayers, March 2020
I Am From

Podcast-Video Adaptations are created by JDarrell Kirkley.

PST Podcast-Video Adaptation: Episode 001 Featuring Anne McCrady, with host Lisa Toth Salinas.
Click on Link: Anne McCrady – March 2019
Anne McCrady is the author of several books of poetry including the 2003 Edwin M. Eakin Manuscript Prize given by the Poetry Society of Texas. Anne discusses poems from her award-winning book, Along Greathouse Road. The host of this episode is Lisa Toth Salinas. (Producer is Terry Jude Miller. Technical editor is JDarrell Kirkley. Music provided by Ed and Mim Frieter.)

Spotlight Poet Karen Mastracchio of Spring. May 2019.

Karen Mastracchio

Spotlight Poet David Orchard, Houston. Member of Poets NW. Dec. 2018.
David Orchard

Spotlight Poet Loretta Diane Walker, of Odessa. April 2016. (Our first Remote Spotlight on Members Poet!)
Loretta Diane Walker

Spotlight Poet Sharon Young, of Spring. Member of Poets NW. April 2018.
Sharon Young

Spotlight Poet Laurie Kolp of Beaumont. May 2017

Laurie Kolp

Spotlight Poet Jeannette Strother, Mansfield. February 2019.
Jeannette Strother

Spotlight Poet Jerri Hardesty, a Texas native now living in Brierfield, AL. April 2019.
Jerri Hardesty

Spotlight Poet Christine H. Boldt of Temple. March 2018

Spotlight Poet Angie Goin, Fort Worth. March 2019.
Angie Goin

Beth Turner Ayers performs her poem, “Sweet Tea.” August 10, 2019.
Beth Ayers, “Sweet Tea”

Basin, TX, PBS interview with Loretta Diane Walker, June 1, 2019.
Loretta Diane Walker Interview, 6-2019