May 11, 2019 Meeting 2019-05-11 Joan Canby

Joan Canby, Garland, spoke about how poetry reflects life. “If you don’t go to the hard places, why write?” Poetry should also make you happy–it is as multidimensional as we are. (Photo by JDarrell Kirkley.)


April 13, 2019 Meeting                                             

J. Todd Hawkins

J. Todd Hawkins read from his Wm Barney Chapbook contest-winning book, What Happens When We Leave. He also gave us tips on writing poetry based on current events. Photo by JDarrell Kirkley.

March 9, 2019 Meeting

2019-03-09 Alan Gann, Speaker

Alan Gann, a long-time member of the Dallas Poets Community, gave a program, titled “Lines & Sound: Remembering What We Already Know,” which included a 3-Part Challenge about writing great poems. He said poetry is a spoken art form. That’s why sound and rhythm matter. Photo by JDarrell Kirkley.

        February 9, 2019 Meeting

              2019-02-09 Viki Blocker

Viola ‘Viki’ Blocker, of Dallas, was our “exciting artist and speaker. She keeps Spoken Word active in this area and has performed in a wide variety of venues. Her poetry ranged from new “School Supplies” that included guns and a bulletproof vest, to one about “m&m’s” –where once the colored shells are removed, the insides are all the same. Photo by JDarrell Kirkley.



Memorial Program presented by Linda Banks. Special Award presented to Budd Powell Mahan for his many years of service. Poem-Athon presented by those in attendance. All photos by JDarrell Kirkley.

2018 Awards Banquet

Photos by Loretta Diane Walker, Laurie Kolp, Budd Powell Mahan, Laurie Kolp, and Aman Khan.


Steve Sanders, aka Blackbeads

Steve Sanders began his Sept. 8, 2018, program titled “Fun Ways to Present Poetry” by donning his Blackbead persona, and reading from his Pirate’s Log Book. Photo by Susan Maxwell Campbell


Dr. Bruce Bond

Dr. Bruce Bond is a classical guitarist and a Regents Professor of English at the University of North Texas. In his May 12, 2018, program, Dr. Bond read from several of his books, welcoming questions and comments in between poems. Photo by Robert Schinzel.


2018-03-10 Michelle Hartman

March 10, 2018: Guest speaker Michelle Hartman, Fort Worth, entertained us with her program, “Humor in Writing Poetry.” JDarrell Kirkley introduced her as “a personality, a real character…her style delivers poetry with an uppercut and a punch.” Michelle is the editor of Photo by JDarrell Kirkley























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2016 Awards Banquet



2016 NFSPS Summer Convention

The convention was held at the lovely Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center in Chaska, Minnesota, and was hosted by The League of Minnesota Poets. Winners of the 2016 NFSPS Annual Contests are listed on their website under Contests.



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2014 Awards Banquet

Photo credits go to Aman Khan, Barbara Blanks, and Irene Robertson. And thanks to Linda Banks for her assistance! Click photos to enlarge to slideshow view.



Monthly Speakers



Lynn Lewis Book Signing



Annual Awards Banquet 2013

The following photos are of some of our winners. Our apology if you were a winner and do not see your photo. A few of them either did not get taken or did not turn out. Several poets won more than one contest. Congratulations to all our winners! Photos by Aman Khan and Mark Ayers.




2018 Awards Banquet